The World of Mario Kart

mario-kart┬áThe world of gaming has seen a lot of wonderful specimens over the years. Some of these games have made their permanent mark in gaming history. As a result, there has been numerous spin-offs and we have seen the birth of franchises. One of the, if not “the” most famous gaming franchise of all time is Super Mario.

There has been various spin-offs of the game, most of them can be considered as franchises on their own rights. Mario Kart is one of them. One of the most popular entries of this franchise is Mario Kart Double Dash. Roms and emulators are available in the internet, if you want a go at the game.

This particular game was released on 2003 and developed by the famous game company- Nintendo. It was released for GameCube. Like it’s predecessors, using super mario kart double dash rom, players can challenge one another in racing games. The game in known for introducing a plethora of gameplay features. In reality, it is the only game that allows the players to play cooperatively. There are a total of twenty character in the game, eleven of which were created for this game only!

Gaming has provided a window via which people can escape the monotony of daily life. But only a few games have been able to capture gamers of all ages like super mario. It would be safe to claim that childhood of every gamers was touched by the game or any entry of the series. The popularity of mario kart double dash rom is evidence enough for the claim.